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The blood follows the sword ridge in eclipse month slowly run off

He endured a pain to hum to hum,Women's Shoes "shameless woman!You still have assistant!"
"I have no......How can......"That servant girl is also that one face is nervous,Women's Shoes the Fei month being burst upon frightens even can not remember clearly words Chu.
"Who are you ?Who send you to come to kill mine!"Interest can some the months that indignantly ask Fei.He surface one the town is quiet,Women's Shoes but still the dissimulation don't live heart of frightened.
"Shut up!Otherwise you will die sooner."The month of the Fei coldly answers that" my homicide will not show consideration!"
"Fei...Month...You are a Fei month!"The interest can immediately respond to come over and lose a voice to shout loudly.The servants all busy in the hall,Boots even if he shouted to break throat also can't someone is within hearing.Interest ability oneself also realized this,Women's Shoes he tactfully shut last mouth.
"Is very good,High Heels you since know I is who die!"The Fei month spews out a Duo Duo pressing murderous look in the cool eye.
"Is slow!I still don't know is who make you come to kill mine."Doing not since and not die can not,Women's Shoes the interest can not want to die ambiguously.The month of the Fei humed one to let go of right hand,Dress Shoes the eclipse month temporarily left his neck.He is just frightened don't the Bu ground want to loosen tone,Women's Shoes think Fei for month simplicity to wants to tell his/her own the backstage instigator person's name,Occasions but feels an ice-cold thing once wears his chest to stab in the mind.The blood follows the sword ridge in eclipse month slowly run off,Women's Shoes the drop formed a per blood lotus on the ground.He is one title,Bridal shoes is facing Fei month cool look in the eyes,Women's Shoes deep and dimly discernible.
The month of the Fei draws a sword,Women's Shoes some interests abilities that reluctantly took a look and die on the ground.That servant girl doesn't know to isn't frightened and still frighten silly,Boots stand over there and move also motionless.The month of the Fei didn't see her,High Heels the path kept ground to nearby once walk from she and lifted a burst o
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